Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MPV Review : Super Junior No Other

Yeah! the MV is finally released! As you know I'm a huge fan of expect a biased review!


This kind of song is my's like Miracle with lots of sound editing! Yeah, not a big fan of unrealistic sound but it's SuJu..anything goes. I love the cheerful tone of the song, it's good fresh feeling from all the dark concept 1st half of 2010.

Level of Likeness : 10/10


This is all I need to cheer up again. The perfect song for the summer, because we need some good vibe song and this is so cheerful! I love they are wearing casual yet still smart. The dance movement is cute and I would love to see more bromance on this performance. It's just so good to see everyone smiling!

Level of Likeness: 10/10


What do I feel...I don't know, I'm just SCREAMING!! OMGOSH..this is just too cute and adorable! Smiling faces through out the video is the perfect remedy to chase away the blues. HyukJae,I mean EunHyukie looking hawt for us! He definitely wants to show off his hard work! Good Job! I can't help but thinking ShinDong's part is meant for his GF..:( Yesung is the STAR..I think he got more screen time this time! WAIT, I just realize KyuHyun and SiWon isn't in the dance shoot...WHY?

Level of Likeness: 10/10

Overall Success: A++

(grades ranging from A+ to C-)

Credits to : SM Entertainment
Reviewed by : HallyuSurfer

As usual, here the personal evaluation for each members!

LeeTeuk : The leader doesn't show off his abs this time and I'm glad he's back to Angelic Teukie!! It suits best with him..

HeeChul : Looking good with platinum blonde hair! HeeChul never fail to impress me with his sense of style. Staying true to himself, got to love his genuinely HeeChul smirk and expression!

YeSung : Oooh, who's getting more screen time and lines this time? YeSung definitely shines through the whole song, performance and MV. I know I can only always trust him with having good hair!

ShinDong : This guy keep on breaking my heart..I already knew he have someone in his life, so I know the song is directly toward his GF..huhu, Thank Goodness you shaved!

SungMin : Loved the hair in Bonamana but I like this one better as the previous hairstyle keep on covering his smiling eyes! He still needs to get more lines.


DongHae : Cute, part two of his rose performance. Always adorable with his perfect smile. Perfect boy as usual!

SiWon : A gentleman that always look good no matter what he do..He's really talented, I'm sure he can go far by himself so I'm really glad he sticks to SuJu!

RyeoWook : Wookie! Gosh, isn't he's getting cuter by day? He used to be one of the least favorite member of mine but he's improvement is so admirable! Note, all SuJu are my favorite.

KyuHyun : Magnae looking smooth, is this part 2 from Seoul song? :D Glad his fine..Don't get sick again!

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